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How things work

Are you the curious type?  Do you ever look at something or read about something and wonder……”how does that work?”  NOW, you can get your curiosity satisfied.  We have a two Volume Set of Encyclopedias “The Way Things Work” that will serve as a resource. Three Eagle Points may be earned if a student suggests a topic that stumps the encyclopedia or the Science/Math teachers.

  • "How Things Work"is a new page on SACA online that relies on the interaction of students. 

  • Every Monday the picture below will be updated with a new subject.

  • Any student topic suggestions will be given priority the following week in the order received. 

  • Use the "Let's Chat!" messaging app at the bottom left of the screen to suggest a topic or ask a question about the current one.

  • As a bonus, if a student suggests a topic that cannot be found in my encyclopedia, they will be awarded 3 eagle points.

  • Think of anything, is there an invention, idea, machine, or tool you would like explained? Message us.

  • For a better view of the text, zoom in with "ctrl+" and zoom out with "ctrl-".

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